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Timo S. Hänninen’s website


Selected news

(March 2020) Together with Carbery and Valdimarsson we have been developing functional-analytic duality theory for multilinear norm inequalities. We have just uploaded to the arXiv our paper “Disentanglement, Multilinear Duality and Factorisation for non-positive operators“, in which we extend the reach of the theory to cancellative multilinear norm inequalities, including multilinear Fourier restriction-type inequalities within the scope of the theory.


I am an analyst, working as an Academy Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Helsinki.

My research centres on applying techniques from functional analysis, convex analysis, and vector-valued analysis to harmonic analysis, in particular to geometric multilinear inequalities and two-weight norm inequalities.

Here are the list of my preprints in arXiv, the list of my publications (Sep 2020), and my curriculum vitae (July 2022).


Here are my Lecture notes on Tempered Distributions and Distributional Fourier Transform (in English) and Lecture notes on Measure and Integral (in Finnish), both with emphasis on students’ learning through solving exercises, in particular building theory partly by themselves through guided exercises.


Mailing address

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Helsinki
P.O. Box 68
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Email address

timo dot s dot hanninen at helsinki dot fi